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The Carriage house was built at the turn of the century by an architect who also did some work for the World's Fair in Chicago. He later moved to Eureka Springs and used his building experience to construct a cottage and the Carriage House for his personal horses. Since its creation, the Carriage House has been called the Barn, and was once used as the horse stables for the Crescent Hotel when it was a girl's school.

Thirty years ago, we restored the old carriage house.
 By preserving so much of the original building, we succeeded in keeping the old-time spirit and charm intact and untarnished.
 All of the floors are still the original floors, the old cherry wood stables are still standing, and the walls of the upstairs loft are the original Cedar. We kept the original barn door, simply nailing it shut, and we kept all the gas lanterns up (even though they don't work) for decorative purposes. All of the glass in the windows is original, with stained glass in both of the front doors.
Even the
hay pulleys still work!

In order to get the furniture upstairs, we had to use the hay door. The roomy downstairs has a twelve foot ceiling with two hanging wagon wheel chandeliers suspended above the pool table.

Some believe the Carriage House is haunted, hearing footsteps, sneezes and whispers or feeling as if their being watched from the stairs. Come see for yourself.
The Main House was built in 1968 by the Owens, interior decorators from Kansas City, who designed this house with lots of "nooks and crannies." The little blue house across the street from us was also built by the Owens as a workshop while they were building the Main House.

We purchased the property in 1994 and have owned and operated the Carriage House ever since, providing lodging and accommodations to the area and taking care of our guests during their vacations or weekend getaways.

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